Takes you back to the good old days of the classic RPG's...

User Rating: 9 | Legend of Grimrock PC
OK, so when I first heard about Legend Of Grimrock I was skeptic in how this was going to play. But not anymore! The moment you start it up and are staring at the main menu it immediately brings you back to the classic dungeon crawlers.

It even has a "Old School" option In which you have one chance to make it with your Party:) You can choose to use a pre-made party or create your own that lets you setup all aspects and skills.

This game is all about the "Game play" aspect but has nice descent visuals also, the sounds of the game are well placed and give you that feeling of immersion. The UI is well made and key controls work well. Very addictive game play that will have you coming back for more!

For the price of this game and the awesome support of the developers who plan on adding much more to it I say well worth the buy!