It fun to see another independant, old school style game beating out the mega studio games. Legend of Grimrock delivers

User Rating: 9 | Legend of Grimrock PC
The legend of grimrock represents a genera that has largely been retired. It represents the old idea that gaming should be more about fun, immersion, story and game play vs. latest greatest graphics and latest greatest sequel. The reason that gamers who are 25 or so and older are nastolgic about certain old games is because in most cases older PC games had a substance to them that big budget games just dont have these days.
I still fondly remember almost every detail about games like Wasteland, Baulders Gate, The Ultima series, various D&D titles and many other games from the 80's and early 90s.

Finally, a new title has risen from the mire and brought the thrills and immersion that many of us remember from the past. This title is Grimrock.

Dungeon crawling at its best. You will need the best gear (scrounged from the dungeon ofcourse) intellegent problem solving skills, strategy and luck to make it through this game. The combat is just excellent as a real time/strategy hybrid, and the grid system the game employs rewards the strategic player, but doesnt slow down game play in the least.

Secrets and hidden treasures await the intrepid explorer, but do not impede those that just want to run through an action packed game. For onl;y 14 bucks or so, this game is well worth it. Check it out and help support the reemergance of great computer gaming!