Well, hello there, oversized spider. You're looking ravishing. Shall we dance?

User Rating: 9 | Legend of Grimrock PC

The dosey-doe fighting-and-dodging gives the attacks a rhythmn-mini-game prelude that I enjoy, plus there are some modern-combat mechanics under the retro hood . For instance, when you step back into attack range and swing, the game takes into account your added momentum for extra oomph, damage and accuracy. (Oomph is a technical game-development acronym short for ohmns, ouput, maximum derp hits.) This makes for fun melee attacks and backstabs.

There will be a few monsters that your rogue won't be doing any sneaking up on. I won't name (many of) them as part of the fun is hearing your enemies scuttling about, catching a glimpse of one, and then getting surrounded. LOL. The crisp graphics and textures don't take away from these creepy moments because the lighting is very, um, dungeon-like.

The ranged attacks are great, too. Use a mage to punch in rune combos for big damage, or launch two projectiles from a single bow. If you build your team with two mages, you better have some quick fingers, however. Also, why do I know what a "rune" is? I'm a grown-a** man.

There are physics puzzles and thinky-thought puzzles and both of which are very hard. I will just say that. I know some people can't admit on public forums that puzzles are hard. Dead Space 2 puzzles? Just right. Legend of Grimrock puzzles? Hard. People who opt to handwrite out their own map as they go (yes, it's an option) had to go crazy at this one puzzle on the 9th level.

If you don't want to jump into the puzzle stuff right away but just want to enjoy some combat unique from all other current games on the market, Legend of Grimrock now has user-created maps available from the get-go. You could likely research popular user-created campaigns for a first or future playthrough. No matter which campaign you start with, more campaigns means more replay value!

I've never played a dungeon-crawler. When I was really young, I was told that I crawled but it was for the most part a dungeon-free existence thanks to my having excellent parents. I still enjoy Legend of Grimrock.

Almost Human -- the game's creators -- accomplish something special. Dancing with spiders while pelting them with shurikens, throwing knives, spells and melee is fun and fresh!