Dungeon Master for the new millenium. This is a masterpiece.

User Rating: 10 | Legend of Grimrock PC
I am an old school gamer. I grew up on Dungeon Master on the Amiga. My game play doesn't stop there however, as I have kept up with the latest games and have been playing solidly for 30 years. My high score for this game isn't because it is a nostalgia trip for me. It is because it is a brilliantly designed game that does what all games should; entertain, immerse, and stick with you long after you turn off the computer. Warning, if you start this game, and give it a good four or five hours, you are not going to be able to put it down.

Late nights are the norm with this game. There is nothing better than crawling through the dungeon late at night with the lights off in the room and having your soul scared out of you. Without the flash of some of today's games, Legend of Grimrock manages to immerse one so completely that when someone walks into a room whilst one is in the middle of a long session of play, you may be forgiven for thinking that reality is the false realm for a moment and that the game is the true world in which you occupy. Have fun and don't worry, you won't regret this one!