Potential is there, but it doesn't live up to it.

User Rating: 4.2 | Left Behind: Eternal Forces PC
I really, really wanted this game to be great. I've enjoyed the Left Behind books and I personally know some of the people at LB games.

However, I also have to be honest - this game is not great. GameSpot's description of the technical problems are spot-on. The buildings frequently get in the way of your view, are blocky and difficult to distinguish, and units are difficult to select. Recruiting a moving neutral unit frequently takes multiple clicks before the unit activates, and if you click something else by accident, your "Recruit" function toggles off. The arbitrary yellow lines forcing you to take the long way around are incredibly frustrating. Even if they're there for a mission design reason, they should disappear after you complete that objective so you can move more efficiently around the map.

I'm also annoyed that the command interface isn't resizable or movable. The default layout is workable, but not the way I like mine.

Sound - wise, the music is excellent. The phrases all RTSs seem to have when you select a unit can get trying after a while, but it's appropriate to the genre.

I found their gender divisions odd, too. Making it such that only males can be clergy is understandable, as many branches of Christiandom still accept that, but why can't there be women doctors? Or male nurses?

The system interface is bothersome, too. There is no "continue" to pick up where you left off, and a "load game" option is missing from several of the dialogue boxes, forcing you to exit to the main menu to restart failed levels. Reloading a level, even from a save point, involves going back to the ponderous, slow loading screen and the dialogue setting the opening scenario. A quick load feature would really help. And having to pick up the "Clue" to continue to the next mission is flat out annoying. Their little "Think about this" articles are well written and interesting, but I already know and believe most of that stuff. Can't I just get on with the game?

Finally, what really killed my interest in this game is the company itself. My computer was having trouble displaying character models, so, after tweaking the display settings and updating my driver, I emailed tech support. Their response? "Your processor is below minimum requirements" even though it was obviously a graphics card issue. I even swapped out my graphics card and it ran properly. When I told them so, I got no response. NVidia's tech support was far more helpful and professional (though they couldn't solve the problem, either.)

I was rooting for you guys, but you've really squashed my enthusiasm.