Fast, fun zombie killing action but with the fast pace the story, levels need to be way longer.

User Rating: 9.5 | Left 4 Dead PC
When I first saw the trailer for the game, and all the commercials It felt like a sign from god, that finally a game company has made a kill zombie game that's faster paced and more along the lines of a story that up until now was only fantasized. The starting of the game was simple, by taking weapons and shooting your way through a zombie infested apartment building, and trying to escape the city. What a first for a game to just get right to the point: Escape, and stay alive! The team consists of 4 people, each of their own personality but work together without complications. While on the zombie side there are the basic zombies that just roam, then ones with tongues that pull you, ones that resemble the Hulk only colored grayish, smokers, and finally the worst of them all the Witches! These are the nastiest and by all means throughout the game are warned to avoid full on contact.

Weaponry is basic, with possibility to holsters 2 weapons: a pistol and either auto or pump shotgun, machine gun, hunting rifle, or assault rifle plus the Molotov cocktail or pipe bomb. No huge weapons were including like a 50 cal. or a bazooka but the current weapons can still plow throw zombies like a hot knife through butter.

Story-line is good and is accomplished in 4 levels each with 5 sub parts to them, however at the fast pacing of this game it will go by quickly in single player and will almost ruin the game since it can be completed so quickly. Also it would seem that the story the whole time is just playing with your characters since every time they arrive at a checkpoint instead of being helped to escape they are ambushed by a ton of zombies including the super charged ones, and then once they are all dead the boat, or helicopter arrives to take you to a safe area but it turns out everywhere is already infected... Wonder where the drivers of the vehicles go after they drop you off.

Finally this is a game where it was only dreamed about before it was announced. Recommendable and definitely fun to replay probably great that online multiplayer was included!!!