I love shooting zombies, but not the weak and lazy zombie this is for hunt down the raging zombie

User Rating: 10 | Left 4 Dead PC
The first time i want this game is when i read the review about staying alive in the city that is already infected by zombie and there is 4 character in it.

When i playing this game and finish all the campaigns i really feel burn inside cause i scream and yell a lot when playing , my emotion keep playing i surprise because im a cold gamer who doesnt show emotion when playing game.

The game is let say if u ever play RE 4 it is like that and the big boss zombie here is just 4; smoke, tank, witch, and fat horde they show up occasionally , the rare u will meet is tank coz he is super strong and witch is a not really rare and you only meet her when there is a silent moment.

There's a lot of riffle and shotgun here from hunting riffle to auto shotgun , they all limited by magazine or ammo. the unlimited ammo is only for handgun, but dont worry u will find each ammo in the checkpoint of each campaigns.

For short reminder this game is better than doom 3 maybe equal or better than counter strike cause we deal with zombies here.

see u in heal fellas !