If you like shooting zombies, you'll like Left 4 Dead.

User Rating: 8 | Left 4 Dead PC
I tried in the past to finish the single player campaign years ago, but sadly it turned boring after few trials. The main purpose of the so-called single player campaign is to escape with your teammates with a boat. I'm disappointed because there's no story (the game is oriented more towards the online matches), but I've said this time let me finish it. It's fun to shoot zombies and at times can b pretty hard because they'll hit you in waves, but overall it's a piece-of-cake of a game. It's too easy. And I don't like playing games for the love of just shooting around in multiplayer matches. I need a story and it lacks one. I love the graphics. It's great. The atmosphere is gloomy and the are some passages pretty atmospheric. There are different types of zombies: tanks (the meanest ones), smokers, boomers and common zombies. Well, let's not forget the witches. The weapons are realistic enough and the gameplay is fun.
As I've already said: if you like shooting zombies try it. But if you look for a story, search elsewhere.