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User Rating: 9 | Left 4 Dead X360
Before I start with goodies, it is important for the reader to remember that this is not necessarily facts that are in stone, but my thoughts of the overall game. I understand some of my thoughts and feelings may be debatable, however, you reading this now means you are interested in another gamers point of view, or you're really bored and somehow managed to find this review (or both).
Alright let us get to the good stuff....For this review I decided I wanted to do a game developed by Turtle Rock Studios, later purchased by the well-known Valve. This game is known as "Left 4 Dead". For starters I am a huge zombie slaughtering fan, this game appealed to me for that reason (it has mass amounts of zombie killing in it duh...). Basically, an outbreak of zombies, originating from the "green flu" hits Pennsylvania and begins to turn people into zombies. This sets up four survivors who meet and have to work together to get to safety. Those characters consisted of Bill a veteran, Louis an analyst, Francis, an outlaw biker, and Zoey, a college student.
In order for a game like this to work essentially it needs to have not just a good story line, but characters you wouldn't want to repetitively kill off, just so you didn't have to hear them say the same things over and over again. Granted there were sometimes I wasn't too fond of Louis or Bill taking all my pills, I did enjoy the characters. The voice acting really worked in this game. The characters would say perhaps a funny remark that could make you laugh even in the most serious situations. Not to mention you could look at a character press the thumb stick down and it would repeatedly call the name of the person you were looking at, every time in a different tone.. "Bill......BILL...BILLL" Of course it was a fun thing to do, practically nobody used it to communicate through the game if one of them didn't have a mic (which I'm guessing was initially the reason they had that)
Another aspect of it is looking at the zombies. You could tell a significant amount of time went into designing the zombies; however after a while you start to see the same zombies coming at you time and time again. Now, I understand it would be very difficult to make different models of zombies, and they made some attempt of doing it by making the zombies look like the environment (Hospital=Nurse Zombies, Forest= Redneck Zaambies ETC), however, I think they could have used a bit more variation, I mean, after all, this game is all about killing zombies.
Moving on, I think the horde idea was an excellent way to keep a player on their toes. You could never just sit and leave the game unless you're in a locked safe-house or if you pause it. Well, I suppose you could go idle if you are playing with other people, which is a pretty cool feature. The special infected are really what scares the good cheese out of you. The different growls, coughs and moans (tells you that you have a stalker) can send chills down your spine. You soon learn to listen for that so that you're not the next victim of their cereal killing spree. Left 4 dead really lives up to its name when it comes to this, if you go ahead, or fall behind, you will be left 4 the dead. The special infected consisted of Boomers, (Which oddly enough I have a dog named Boomer. While I was playing he would always come in my room when one of the characters would yell out "BOOMER". Of course this was not good, due to the fact that he would insist on being petted afterwards and I was busy trying to fight off zombies.)Smokers, Hunters, Tanks, and Witches. All of which had their own war-cry which signified they were there, and they were watching you. Tanks and witches were probably by far the worst. Okay, so a couple times you were able to avoid the witch, but just one back-hand and you were down. As for the tank: just a beast, takes everyone to shoot him down. I liked and disliked the fact that he could use the environment to kill you. He could fling cars and large chunks of the concrete at you. It was convenient if you were the tank in versus mode, but would screw you over if you were up against him in the other game modes.
Speaking of game modes, survival and verses were really fun ways to challenge yourself in the game. In versus mode you could play as the special infected (unfortunately not the witch....) and use their special abilities to attempt to injure or even kill the survivors. One of the coolest parts was becoming a tank and using his ability to completely destroy everyone (Although it was whoever had the most points on the infected side at that point in time so I didn't have that chance too often because I was enjoying venturing out in the maps). You were also able to really roam around the maps, going into places survivors couldn't go such as air vents.
Continuing on, looking at weapons (you know the stuff that you use to kill the undead) I wasn't too thrilled with the gun selection, I would have preferred just two or three other guns, just to mix it up a bit ( although knowing me, I would still end up using the semi-automatic shotgun, cause I'ma redneck like that ). I did like how it would start you off in a safe house with lower ranked guns, so in a way you had to work for the bigger and better guns. The pipe bombs and molotovs were really convenient for tight spots as well (okay molotovs not so much for tight spots, the last thing I need when I am being attacked by 20+ zombies is to be set on fire by my own molotov....happened frequently though).
Any who another part I really like happened to be the randomness of everything. Every new round, or new level, everything was in a different place, which also kept you on your toes. You can never find the witch or tank in the same location sometimes there were two witches or two tanks. On the other hand, a part I really disliked is that I never understood how the survivors kept getting into the same situation "OH we just got rescued by a helicopter, now we have to get to a farmhouse to be evacuated by a boat and not tell the player how it happened!" I mean WHAT, did the people in the helicopter die? Well, we will never know now will we.....(pfft)
Overall I thought it was a great game, I mean you were able to kill zombies. Play as some fun characters, but most of all you were scared the cheeses out of you several times throughout the game. For me it deserves a solid 9 out of 10!

Alrighty I could go on and on about this game ( I literally have three more pages of notes I'm way too lazy to add to this, besides it is long enough.) but I think I should wrap it up here. If you want to hear me go on about Left4dead some more, leave a note in the comments, or follow me on twitter and tell me there! If you have any suggestions for what I should do next let me know! I hope you all enjoyed this, and I'll write a new review next Saturday!

~ Jedi Girl

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