Take a trip down south from Atlanta to New Orleans. Bring some people you ran into and maybe a gun and that cricket bat

User Rating: 8.5 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
So after the events of Left 4 Dead, we find ourselves in Atlanta(or what I believe is Atlanta) and we march across to New Orleans. We are joined by new survivors that are all different then the last group, but just as fun to be a part of.

The first scenario is in the mid-afternoon hours as they move around the city. Just like the first game your on a roof, but instead of heading to a hospital(which is a bad idea, what with all the people that get bite going there) you head to a mall. Once there you find a race car being shown off and you need to fill it up with gas that is laying around the lobby area. From there you head to an amusement park. This is were the fun really beginnings. From shooting up the love tunnel, to the run on top of a wooden roller-coaster, you get to see the whole park for the most part. Then there is that semi-tunnel that you must go through to get to the last safe house. Only thing standing in the way is a gate entrance that is loud and as an alarm. Once you hit that then come the zombies and boat load of them. It is the worst and best part of the level and one of the great/worst moments. You will get frustrated with it some days and that is when it is at the worst, then you'll be scared yet full of adrenaline as you force your way through. That is when it is great.

Then you make to the swamps with a plantation house and then you make a quick run to a get station to get gas for the boat that just picked you up from the swamp. Finally you make it to New Orleans. Were you must cross a bridge with a lift span in the center that is not lined up with the whole bridge. It's like that not from anything you do, but from the army bombing the bridge before, after, and during your stroll across. The bridge is not the worst part, once you make it to the helicopter, if your not in a group you may try to take out zombies while the other survivor catches up. Noble choice, but what if your the only one there and the other three are not, do you safe yourself or wait? Well you'll get a chance to face that decision in the game. Not that the game makes you choose, but it will happen during one of your runs.

The game is amazing look, feel, and atmosphere. Each scenario is different from the others. The weapons all sound great and are satisfying to use. Just find your favorites among the many different types you have given to you. Also find a good melee weapon. Yea, there here finally. So you can let out your inner Ash with a chainsaw and shotgun combo or if your like me, you pick up a cricket bat and turn into Shaun.(British accent not included, but you can use it)

Is it worth the full price for a game that comes out one year after the first game? Depends on you and your love/hate for Left 4 Dead. If you loved the first game then maybe you will buy it right away, if not then you may buy it no that it is around $25.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a great game. The melee weapons would have been great in the first game, but they are welcomed in this game. Enjoyed that you now see the sun and not just dark, gray skies and rain all the time. The DLC even helps tell what happened to the first group that crossed Pennsylvania.

So check it out and enjoy the zombie apocalypse from the south this time. Make sure to hit the jukebox. Also save that gnome. He needs it.