Dont get left out of a great game experience.

User Rating: 8 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
Well, I played left 4 dead and I thought it was amazing and I played left 4 dead 2 and I thought it was equally good but not better then the first. While left 4 dead has that new york feel and most of the levels was indeed at night, during the night. Left 4 dead 2 has some day maps or mid noon feeling of that new orleans type setting which isn't bad by any means. There are new characters this time around tho I miss the old l4d characters this set of new characters could easily fit quite in, into the l4d world.

The only reason I give this review an 8.0 is it could of been better, they didn't advance the story that much the premise of each new map is just about escaping really. Though on one map which is really well done you had to get gas while its noon time and once each character gets gas cans they had to go back into the map at night time in reverse which is very intense considering this particular map has witches ALOT of them.

Though they added new features like letting you hold a sword/axe/meele weapons. I just wish they added more stuff to the world, like you see all of these writings on the walls in the safe houses in the game but you see no other survivors, the world in l4d just feels empty accept for the zombies, I wish there was more boom to the world. In the l4d comics there are people in them aside from the main characters doing different things and it still manage to have that l4d feel to it, in the next game I would like more of what the comics offered a story and more off side people to give the game a slice of life to it like in the comics.