Heard the hype, was very very let down.

User Rating: 6.5 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
Just a quick review because this game is pretty old now.
I never played LFD 1 but i heard good things about both it and LFD 2 so i thought i would pick it up.

For starters this game feels like something i would be playing at an arcade for about 50 cents. Not on my x-box 360 for 30 plus$. I think this is what the developers were going for, but i simply hated it.

There are 4 characters trying to stay alive through the city. You will fight hordes after hordes of zombies, and then some more. Let me tell you there are a lot of zombies to fight in this game. Thats great. The bad part is the fighting. Combat is very very boring. You will have melee weapons and firearms. Melee weapons consist of guitars, pieces of wood, crowbars and axes. However they are all the same. Pressing the trigger button will simply swing the weapon around, while pressing the other will push zombies away from you. The only thing different about them are the looks, and that some weapons will take down zombies faster then others. I thought i would have more fun with firearms, but that was not the case. You cant aim down your sights with guns, so you are always just shooting from the hip. There is a bit more variety here, such as shot guns and assault weapons, but its so lackluster that it seems using anything just gets dull very soon.
If you're looking for a story dont look here. I played through the game expecting to find something..anything that would even start to look like a storyline, but no. It just plops you down and says "hey, you don't want to be here, you want to be here...so go"

The characters were pretty annoying. Especially the hillbilly. Listening to the dialogue was pretty painful at times. There are certain objectives that you need to do in the maps to move on, and that adds a bit of excitement, especially because some of them are timed. But just running around the map pressing 2 buttons over and over...and over.. made me want to go to sleep. Story wise this game is horrible. I'm not sure if i would like it any better if i had played the first one, but i have been told the two are not related.

For the life of my I cant see why people love this game. Combat is so lackluster that i feel like this game should be downloaded from x-box live arcade. It was an ordeal to just finish the game. The different types of zombies made it a little more fun, and playing with friends is the best way to go. I played with 4 people at all times and i dont see how anyone could play this solo.

All in all this game was a very big disappointment. I know there are a lot of people out there who love this game to death, but i have no idea why. Co-op is the only reason im not giving this a lower rating. There are certainly many better zombie shooters out there.(Not that we need any more)