Left 4 Dead 2 is truly one of the greatest masterpieces ever made!

User Rating: 9 | Left 4 Dead 2 PC

Game: Left 4 Dead 2
Genre: First Person Shooter Horror
Developer: Valve
System: PC
Total Score: 91/100
Value Score: 91/10

• Story: 8/10
• Characters: 9/10
• GamePlay: 10/10
• Graphics: 8/10
• Sound: 10/10
• Music: 6/10
• Length: 10/10
• Replay Value: 10/10
• Player Value: 10/10

+Storyline and characters are a bit more appealing than the first game
+Includes Left 4 Dead 1 characters and maps
+New Special Infected
+New Weapons
+Designs of items changed and can be reverted back to original for both L4D1 and L4D2 maps.
+Multiple modes include Survival, Versus, etc which add more value to the length and replay value
+Multiple map, character and enemy skin designs available including the official Capcom Resident Evil 6 Enemy skins
+Both private and public maps available - private maps enable you the option to do cheats and edit the overall game
+A lot of available mods from a huge community

-Does not include the cutscenes from L4D1
-Does not include some of the glitches/aesthetics often used in the first game (only available in the GOTY edition of L4D1)