As good as the first.

User Rating: 9 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
New characters. New enemies. New weapons. New objectives. More challenges. More fun. More zombies. More weapons. More gore. All in all, Left 4 Dead but with a lot stuff better but some that's not. The original characters were grown onto you and you loved them, the characters in L4D 2 aren't as lovable. They're funny but Ellis is the character that a lot of people dislike. Rochelle is rude, and terrible. But Nick and Coach are fun to play as.

Presentation: The opening sequence is fun to watch and the main menu is exactly like the original so it's simple to navigate your way through.

Graphics: The Source engine looks as great as ever.

Gameplay: It's smooth and fun, just like the original but now you can slice and smash zombies to your heart's content.

Sound: Ellis, shut up. The voice acting is great and the soundtrack is there to spook you. The weapon sounds are awesome. And the zombies sound like as much like the real deal as we know... for now.

Lasting Appeal: It's fun to play over and over again because the AI Director will change the level and enemies according to how well you're playing. There's different game modes for more fun.