One of the best competitive multiplayer games out there! Fighting zombies with your friends is a blast!

User Rating: 9.5 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
To start, i would like to say what i did not like about this game. I kinda wish it had a more involving story. Thats all i didnt like about that game, everything else was amazing!
Turning the corner, your flashlight lighting up a witch, quickly turning off the light as you hear the witch getting pissed, it was so intense!
The finales, even though three of them were still hold out until rescue arrives, they mixed them up and made them so much fun. Listening to a fake rock band while using fireworks to fight off the horde. Scrambling to collect gas cans to fill up a car while fighting through insane waves of special infected. Using a heavy machine gun to fight the tank while your teammates fight the horde coming from the attic. Fighting back to back on top of a burger joint, the rain so bad you cant see more than ten feet. Last but not least, running accross a bridge to a helicopter, hoping you dont get knocked off into the water.
The weapon selection is better this time too.
2 new shotguns
2 new assault rifles
a new smg
new pistols ( magnum is my favorite)
8 new melee weapons (finally)
new sniper (used the sniper alot more in this game)
and boomer bile!
and dont get me started on the characters
Coach- the hefty high-school football coach, big and black and hardcore zombie killer
Rochelle- the quiet news reporter, quiet and never scared to share a healthpack with her teammates
Ellis- the young mechanic, the comedic relief if you will, always one to have a funny little story at the worst possible time
Nick- the loner, the hardass, although eventually warming up to the rest of them
and dont let me forget Scavenge Mode
the thrill of fetching gas cans and keeping the time going as long as possible
All in all it was one hell of a game, one of the best multiplayer experiences i have ever had
I hope this will convince you to try this game, you wont be dissapointed.