Back from the dead after only a year, L4D2 is more thrilling, zombified, and loaded with content than the original.

User Rating: 8.5 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360
If you like killing zombies in mass quantity then this is the game for you. With more game modes and content than the original, you will have lots to do. The campaign is likely to be your main focus when you first start playing this game. You and your group of survivors must get through a variety of environments to make it to a rescue point in New Orleans before the infected get you first. Youll shoot and whack your way through a hotel, a mall, a carnival, a swamp, a downpour, and congested city streets to reach your destination. Now Im sure you want to know whats new about this l4d as opposed to the first one. Firstly, theres three new special infected to join the previous roster. The Jockey, The Spitter, and the Charger join the old cast, the Hunter, Smoker, Boomer, Tank, and Witch. The Charger will do as its name suggests and charge at you, slamming you into the ground over and over until youre a pancake. The Jockey will jump on your back and steer you into The Spitters acid goo. Also, in addition to the crouched weeping Witch from the first L4D, theyve added a Witch that walks around while it weeps, making it more likely that she might catch you off guard and slap you to death.

Not only did they add new special infected, they also added uncommon infected. You will encounter new types infected depending on the campaign you are playing. Let me just take a second to prepare you for how awesome the concept of these next zombies are. Okay ready? Zombies in HAZMAT suits! Zombies in riot gear! Clown zombies! Mud men zombies! And some village people construction workers in reflective vests. Thats just cool and kind of hilarious. You almost want the construction worker to break out into song and dance.

Next up are the new items. How about some Boomer bile? Its basically a jar of zombie puke you throw at the ground or at an infected. This makes them swarm around the cloud of this lovely smelling aroma so you can shoot them easier whilst in a group. The Adrenaline Shot is new as well. It will temporarily make you The Flash even if youve got low health. Theyve also added a Defibrillator so you can revive your teammates cold dead bodies.

L4D2 also has a bunch of new weapons to choose from including Melee weapons that you can use to bash the zombies into mashed potatoes. Whether you use an axe, a baseball bat, a chainsaw, a cricket bat, a crowbar, a frying pan, a golf club, a guitar, a katana, a machete, or a nightstick, it will produce the same potato-y results and ultimately more entertaining deaths. Along with new weapons come weapon upgrades. You will be able to add laser sights, explosive ammo, or incendiary ammo to your primary weapons. Fire zombies? Yes please.

Lets talk levels now. The new levels are a huge improvement on the previous ones, mostly because theyve added daylight. Hallelujah. I cant tell you how frustrating it was to have ALL of the maps in L4D be at night. These new levels are bigger, more diverse and have more detail; also some have a jukebox that plays funny things. I felt like these new maps were very different from one another and not so similar like in the original.

You can play all of these fabulous maps in the new online multiplayer game modes where you can play as a Survivor or a Special Infected. The Survival game mode will test your endurance while you see how long you can last against a non-stop invasion of zombies with no chance of rescue. In Versus mode you will play as Survivor or Infected in a campaign as you are pitted against a team of the opposite species. In Scavenge mode the Survivors will need to collect up to 16 gas cans to fill a generator while the team of Infected try to prevent them from doing so. The hardest game mode, however, is the Realism game mode. In Realism you will crap your pants as your visual aids are taken from you. You will no longer be able to locate your teammates or items via glowing outlines and zombies will be harder to kill.

With all this new content how can you go wrong? Each campaign is unique and engaging, and the achievements are fun, funny, and challenging. Left 4 Dead 2 gets 8 mashed potatoed zombies out of 10. Give er a go and say hi to Gnome Chomsky for me!