killing zombies can never be this much fun but still it gives u similar feeling as the last one even after new things

User Rating: 8.5 | Left 4 Dead 2 PC
The game is amazing,a must will have a lot of fun killing zombies in this one but still,it gives u similar feeling as the last one even after new maps and new infected ones and new weapons.The melee's were great and new maps were amazing.The new infected were awesome and new characters were good(better than the previous ones) and it surpasses Left 4 dead.The game is highly addictive and gives you whole lot of fun especially when u play it in ADVANCED and EXPERT which totally amazes you.NEW MAPS were amazing especially HEAVY RAIN which was the best and the EPIC FINALE in the bridge was outstanding and u get more fun when u have the CHAINSAW.there are few character bugs which can be ignored.Now the multiplayer was very impressive and gamers will enjoy it.The versus mode was the can also play as special infected ones as well.The game is a must buy and you will surely love it but it will give you the same feeling as the last one.