It's just okay. If only the actual gameplay had the frame rate the cutscenes have.

User Rating: 7 | Left 4 Dead 2 X360

Left 4 Dead 2 is good, but not great. The voice acting and story is solid, and the selection of weapons is nice, but there are a number of things that prevent it from being memorable.

It's first problem is the frame rate. It's horrendous. It looks extremely choppy whenever you're running around. This brings me to my next problem, your character has only one speed. There is no way to just walk slowly, once you move your joystick upwards, you're moving super fast. This game could have definitely benefited with having two different walking and running speeds. It feels lazy and slippery. Finally, the enemies move way too fast, that's a problem for a number of reasons. If a video game's frame rate is bad, it will definitely be apparent when you have enemies that are agile. This game is one of those cases. You can easily get overwhelmed, and when you're trying to aim at such fast targets, you'll easily get frustrated.

What helps this game is that the levels are fun to traverse around in, and the AI of your team is quite good. If you're low on health, a teammate will help patch you up, and if you're being overwhelmed by zombies, they will assist you in helping you get to your feet.

Overall, like I said, it's just an okay game. I would give it higher marks if the frame rate wasn't so terrible. Magikmike39 out.