Two Grievances with Community

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People that kick non-mics because a $40 investment is perceived as an instant exponential increase in skill no matter how talented said poor folk might be. Secondly, and worst of all, people that kick you for cutting and running to earn those last extra points when the rest of the team is objectively screwed. Hey guys, 3 of you down with 2 specials and a Tank? I'm just gonna call this a lost cause and run half the level to get us those points we lose by me staying and dying. Yes! I got us caught up with the other team's score! High five everybo-- oh, why am I at the title screen?

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Well I can understand why you'd kick someone if they don't have a mic. If 3 people have them, the last person won't be able to communicate quickly enough. Typing can only take you so far because you can't fight a horde when you are typing a message. I do agree with your second grievance, though. If you have a tank on your butt and you are the last man standing, there's not much you can do unless the tank is on its last legs, and even then you're still probably hosed. That said, versus lobbies tend to be a bit less forgiving, and I wouldn't base my opinion of the entire community on what a few hardcore players do. Just sayin
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I agree with StopLookListen. You need to mic to hear plays and stratagem. I play a lot o airsoft games and at the end of the day if no one can hear you, you're kinda on your own. As far as getting points at the end, id do the same thing.