seriously dead forum and no sequel?

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What happened to this place and game series? Seemed to be the best and most fun zombie killing game to play, had a lot of fun working with team mates that used mics to survive blow off chunks of zombies and survive a great feeling and was pretty challenging...


So why no sequel considering how well it did? I mean we are talking 4 years ago basically and I was thinking they could get one every year in a half at the most considering they dont have to have a real story line or anything.


Man what a shame, I doubt we wille ver see another one sadly, and the forum has been dead for quite some time no pun intended...ok maybe.


Been thinking about playing it again been quite a long time really but I doubt many people play it anymore.


As for a sequel be nice if they added much larger level, more weapons and characters and maybe even put a story that matters  add some drama too it, make the characters important, and have vehicles as an option!

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