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***ELO BOOSTING FOR OCEANIC SERVER FAST EFFICIENT BY AUSTRALIANS FOR AUSTRALIANS*** http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/league-legends-trading/2845978-oce-cheap-trusted-eloboosting-oce-challengers-l-vouches.html#post24925277 http://www.oceboosting.com IS OUR SITE CONTACT US VIA oce_boosting ON SKYPE WE ONLY USE oce_boosting ANY OTHER TYPES ARE IMPERSONATIONS MAKE SURE TO CHECK IF ITS LEGIT BEFORE ORDERING https://www.facebook.com/Oceboosting CURRENT BOOSTS EVIDENCE: http://puu.sh/4qRsE.jpg SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING FOR YOUR AMERICAN BOOSTERS TO ALLOCATE A JOB WHY WAIT WHEN YOU CAN DIRECTLY GET BOOSTED FROM AUSTRALIANS WHO ARE WILLING AND READY ON CALL. Stuck in ELO Hell? Want to play with the pros and sharpen your skills? Whatever you need, I have you covered. We're a team of professional Australian gamers who believe in helping people achieve their desired division. We offer a wide variety of services which include: Tier/Division boosting Coaching Duo queue self-boosting We offer boosting up to any division Playing is nice, but winning is more fun. Getting someone stronger than you to teach you the game will make you improve faster than anything else. We offer coaching at a professional level. WHAT WE CAN PROMISE YOU: Reliable and quick boosts. We will also give you a deadline. Professional boosters. Our players do not rage and only talk when needed. Constant Communication We are practically always online on skype. Is my account safe? Why should I trust you with my account details? We use VPN so that we cannot be traced back. Ever since the release of the new Oceanic server, our boosters have all come together to join and build one big organisation. We can offer quick elo with complete account security. We do not save your information on a database and delete your email/skype logs as soon as the order is complete. We value our customer's privacy, when we are boosting your account we will never talk to your friends or let them know that we are boosting. Your account is in safe hands, we are an honesty group of players who are looking to help other players. This is an Australian organisation for Australian gamers, not some American website who tries to scam you. We are all Diamond 1 / Challenger tier players so we guarantee that we can boost you all the way to Challenger, or your money back. How long will my Division boost take and why should I choose you? We can usually finish a division in less then a day but during busier times, this process may take up to 2-3 days. The higher your League Point gain is, the faster we can finish your order. Lower tiers are on average finished faster than higher tiers. We strive to give our clients the best Oceanic region service available. Our players have been doing this for a long time and never reveal your identity to anyone, they are 100% anonymous. Remember CHEAP RELIABLE for Australians BY Australians. Pricing: When it comes to pricing your MMR/Lp Gain is put into account however the base prices for this is listed below: (Based assumption that your LP gain is 20 per game. Prices may Vary Friends) DEFAULT PRICES Bronze 5 -> Bronze 4 22$ Bronze 4 -> Bronze 3 22$ Bronze 3 -> Bronze 2 22$ Bronze 2 -> Bronze 1 22$ Bronze 1 -> Silver 5 25$ Silver 5 -> Silver 4 24$ Silver 4 -> Silver 3 28$ Silver 3 -> Silver 2 32$ Silver 2 -> Silver 1 38$ Silver 1 -> Gold 5 52$ Gold 5 -> Gold 4 $54 Gold 4 -> Gold 3 $59 Gold 3 -> Gold 2 $66 Gold 2 -> Gold 1 $73 Gold 1 -> Platinum 5 $95 Platinum 5 -> Platinum 4 $90 Platinum 4 -> Platinum 3 $100 Platinum 3 -> Platinum 2 $117 Platinum 2 -> Platinum 1 $136 Platinum 1 -> Diamond 5 $190 Diamond 5 -> Diamond 4 $200 Diamond 4 -> Diamond 3 $220 Diamond 3 -> Diamond 2 $250 Diamond 2 -> Diamond 1 $286 Diamond 1 -> Challenger $400 Whole Tier Jumps (Negotiable) Bronze 5 -> Silver 5 100$ Silver 5 -> Gold 5 150$ Gold 5 -> Platinum 5 $300 Platinum 5 -> Diamond 5 $450 Diamond 5 -> Challenger $1200+ Maintaining Challenger -> 30$ per day Selling Ridiculously Cheap Teams: Diamond 5s? 500$ for complete ownership Plat 5s? 300$ for complete ownership Challenger 5s team slot? 400$ Diamond 5s with your own name of choice 600$ GUARANTEED It gets more expensive around the plat-diamond area because you mainly vs challengers. If you give these jobs to random boosters who are not from AUSTRALIA they will take forever to reach there. STILL UNCERTAIN IF IM LEGIT? --> Add this skype oce_boosting and talk to me on there and I will add you on my main as proof.
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Can a mod delete this