Stuck in ELO hell? Want advice from Diamonds? Want work-free ELO?

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#1 Posted by leagueofelo01 (25 posts) - Our services are best described as Boosting, yet the word doesnt necessarily encompass all that we do. Sure, we boost accounts, but we also provide valuable post-boost services to ensure that you remain at the elo weve boosted you to. Our most economical way of providing post-boost services is through our coaching program. All of our coaches and boosters are Platinum or Diamond throughout Season 3 (most in season 2 as well). We promise competitive turnaround times for all of our services. For our Boost jobs this depends on a variety of factors including amount of wins, current elo, times we are allowed on the account, etc etc. Your privacy is our number 1 concern during all phases of a boosting operation. Our certified boosters will never communicate with anyone on your friends list, or if you have a preferred pre-set message, we can do that too! As with many other boosting services, we allow you to spectate our games on your account. Where we differ from many other services, is we also allow you to be on voice communications with your booster for very low rates (See our pricing chart for specifics). When purchasing your coaching sessions, rest assured that all of our coaches are Platinum or Diamond in Season 3. They have climbed to those levels on multiple accounts throughout the many seasons of League of Legends. They are extremely familiar with the various tried and true methods of climbing the elo ladder in League of Legends What if I play a specific champ? Will my coach know everything about my ____? Due to our extensive knowledge and wide array of different coaches, we 100% guarantee our ability to coach you on whichever champion / role / play-style you desire. You are the CEO in the relationship between yourself and your booster. YOU decide the times to play (with 6 hours advance notice), and we will accommodate you. If we receive a time-request change with less than 6 hours advance notice, it is at the coaches discretion as to whether or not that time will work. Depending on your purchased package, our coaches guarantee a set amount of wins above where you started. For example, our 1hour package guarantees 2 wins. So if you and your coach lose the first two games, the session will be extended to 2 hours to attempt to recoup those wins. It will be at the coaches discretion as to whether the session may be extended longer without additional fees. It should also be noted that the first session with your coach is a unique one! The first 20 minutes or so will be dedicated to setting up a coaching plan for your unique situation. During this 20 minutes we will discuss appropriate builds, masteries, runes, etc etc. You are still guaranteed at least 2 games in your first session. This is not just an ingame duo service. We work with you heavily outside the game on various issues as well. These include possible 1v1 coaching as well as discussions on your play-style. We will go over recordings of your games with you as well to potentially point out trouble spots that need improvement. We prefer to use Teamspeak 3 or Skype for communications. To ensure quality of service, we require some sort of live communication to be taking place between coach and client. If you need any technical advice on these matters, we are happy to accommodate =) At the present time, our services are English only.