Noob friendly?

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So I have been considering picking this game up but i was wondering if it is noob friendly? Or will I just pick this up to get completely owned?

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there is matchmaking

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Noob-friendly is a tough thing to determine, is there a learning curve? absolutely and its a decently steep one, but it all depends on how quick you can adapt. When I started playing I was expecting the worst beating I have taken in a game but after a couple matches I was a functional part of my team and contributing to the success rather than just being a meat-shield. I would recommend you download it because 1. its free and 2. everyone was a noob at some point.

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well yes, but as you level up will encounter more and more "pro" players who curse and dont support you much. but if you need some basic help you can visit: i gathered some information a new player needs. So i hope its helpful for you m8 have fun at the league if you decide to join :)
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More so then any other MOBA, thats for sure. I havent played in months but I was part of the original beta people back when the game first came out. Youll encounter some new accounts called smurfs of pro players because they want a fresh restart. You can always play against the AI though, or normal, dominion, and custom games.
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Depends. There is a good amount of people who will say stuff like "I cant stand playing with starters" "You are very terrible at this game lol" "You are very bad" "YOu all are noobs on going to play on one of my level 30 accounts".

Thats some of what I was told and heard since i started playing. Somepeople will just blame you when they die even tho it wasnt your fault. Say if they die and you are a support healer and you didnt heal them. But sometime your heal has a 20sec Cool down and you cant use it yet.

For me I just played and if someone gets a little mad I just ignore it or tell them K or Okay. After sometime I found a lot more Nice friendly people then really bad ones.

Overall if you find out to enjoy the game play it because its fun too you. Find the champions you find fun and play them whenever you please.

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League of Legends is, by and far, the most noob-friendly MOBA you'll come across. The learning curve stems from the genre, not the game itself, so if you know MOBA's, this game is cake.