New Streamer DeeJayD! Come have a look folks worth imo :D

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Hello fellow summoners! my name is Dan, I just turned 20 years old not so long ago I am from Canada, Quebec and currently living there with my dad. My grammar isnt that good first of all so before trolling pls <3. I am big fan of league of legends and been playing the game for 2 years now. I mainly play Support because iv been playing with my little bro bottom lane for ever so basicly yeah, we carried noobs :D. Been following all tourny in league of legends esports since season 2, of course a big fan of esports. I started to stream not so long ago, new experience for me! I kinda of want to share my gameplay with the audience, you might learns things, laugh about me or anything else related to me! I just wanna have funs while streaming it :D! Looking fowards to have couple viewers & followers to chill with :D I will do giveaways and stuff in the future if I can get this running. I plant to stream alot even if I have a phew viewers, I just want people know who is DeeJayD :D! I used to be a DJ when I was at high school, I might get my turntables out someday if viewers can bait me ;D! If u read all this, there is no way you can't take a look at my stream :D! Meet you there Folks! -Dee