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Click here to visit n3ac3y's live stream!!! Please follow!!! http://www.twitch.tv/n3ac3y LOTS OF FREE GIVEAWAYS DURING THE WEEK!!! Summoner Name: n3ac3y Current Elo: 2050~ (pushing to diamond) Mid: Twisted Fate, Nidalee, Diana, Ezreal, Morde, Jayce, Panth, Zyra Adc: Miss Fortune, Draven, Ashe Top: Rumble, Singed, Lee Sin, Yorick Jungle: Shaco, Lee Sin Support: Thresh, Blitz, Janna. My Stream: I answer any questions you have and am open to discussions regarding strategy, I can commentate while I play, think Scarra type of commentary. I anticipate Diamond level at a minimum 2-3, that's my current goal. I'm not claiming to be as good as Scarra, just that I am comfortable talking and plaiying unless teamfights are nuts If I'm not playing ranked, you are welcome to join in on the games, just ask and I'll probably make room. Unranked games mean nothing to me! Schedule: I stream a lot! Here's my schedule! Wednesday : 8pm - 11pm EST (Viewer Games!) Frday : 8pm - 11 pm EST (AMAZON GIFTCARD GIVEAWAY!!) Saturday : 8pm - 11pm EST (Lesson Giveaway!) I also stream halo 4 on saturdays, and stream League sessions at random times, so follow me on Facebook and twitter to catch game times. About Me: I'm a SGT in the Army returning from deployment and honorably discharging from the Army in November, this is my first MOBA. I was a High Masters level Sc2 terran and run the featured reddit Halo 4 stream in the /r/Halo subreddit ... I look to one day be a professional gamer/commentator and be a big help to players that don't want to play crazy hours. I want to help you cut corners for less work, and I try to save you time by giving you the tips and tricks that work for a guy that has already made the mistakes so you don't have to make them. General Ranked Mindset: I play high win rate champions, latching onto successful trends while trying to provide my team the best chances of winning games. TWITTER - http://twitter.com/n3ac3y" YOUTUBE - http://youtube.com/bingegamingdottv FACEBOOK - http://facebook.com/bingegaming.tv TLDR - STFU n3ac3y: I love league, and I think you'll enjoy my commentary and gameplay. It's relevent to your skill and I try to tailor my advice to those that want to move up in ranked fast. Come visit and be sure to follow, click here to check out the stream! An example of my commentary is below! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO9lhjja4wA