[D1 Stream] Scherp - Plays/Fun/Giveaways etc!

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Hey fellow summoners,

My name is Scherp and I'm from the Netherlands. I play Leauge of Legends since the start of season 2. Before that I played heroes of newerth for quite a while as well.

I'm currently Diamond I. I decided to start streaming as a hobby. Not only because I like it myself but also because I like to help others improve!

So if you feel like chilling or learing or whatever, pay a visit. I will answer pretty much every question as useful as possible!

The link:

http://www.twitch.tv/sscherp [EUW]

Since I would like to grow my stream I will do some things to convince you/have fun/get more viewers! Which are:

1. 50 viewers: 5,00 RP giveaway!

2. 75 viewers: 7,50 RP giveaway!

3. 100 viewers: 10,00 RP giveaway! Confice my gf to play a viewers game?

Any other ideas? I'm in!


Thanks for your support everyone!!

/Kind regards, Scherp

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Live liss mid :)