Surprisingly good 8-bit platforming for the iPhone!

User Rating: 8 | League of Evil IOS
There are a few kinds of games that I just don't think are suited for the iPhone. One of those is platforming. I want to have a controller when I'm trying to jump and run with precision, and I don't want to my thumbs to block my view.

But this game actually succeeds in making a really enjoyable platformer. The controls are by no means perfect. I still manage to miss the "buttons" at times which leads to some unnecessary deaths, but it feels like this is as good as it's going to get on the iPhone. For the most part I felt that I was in control and could quickly scale the levels. The main game is pretty easy but it also has the added challenge of collecting briefcases. Then there are the "impossible" bonus levels. And they are HARD! I'm still working on completing even the first one. I really like the 8-bit style of the game and I hope we'll see more of these kinds of games in the appstore in the future. Even though I completed the game a few weeks ago I'm still playing this regularly, and that doesn't happen often. If you like the old-school kind of games you should absolutely give this a try.