Summer Events for League of Angels!

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GTArcade is promoting their browser MMORPG League of Angels through cosplay! If you love cosplay then join in the fun and send GTArcade your own attempt at cosplaying as one of the angels. Below you can see the expert cosplayer Liz Katz dressed up as Amora! There is also a new summer costume up for grabs that grants players bonuses to their key attributes such as attack and HP!

Can you tell the two apart? Liz has performed excellently in her portrayal of the angel Amora! Fans of cosplay will be pleased to know there are frequent cosplay events being held within the League of Angels community. The cosplay events have been a great hit, with players earning awesome rewards for the contributions!

The new Hang Ten costume gives players a cool look for summer and also gives them powerful bonuses to key attributes. The costume boosts HP, attack, defense, and agility by considerable amounts, allowing players to make waste of enemies on the battlefield! Players can obtain the costume by playing in the new shell collecting game where players must find and match shells to win in-game items!

Try out League of Angels and these new features by visiting the following link:

Additional Information:

For regular updates, be sure to follow League of Angels on Facebook at, and check out their forums at A media pack, with original artwork and screenshots can be downloaded here:

About GTArcade:

GTArcade is a leading developer of online games. With its guiding principle “sharing simple joy”, GTArcade has developed award winning products for browser and mobile platforms around the world, and is now focusing on English language markets with its latest browser game, League of Angels.

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The game gets constant updates, they refuse to fix issues and create more. The GM's ban people for no reason and they steal things off your account... STEER CLEAR OF THESE THIEVES!!!! (no Im not banned, but they promote child group is leaving the game period)