Unique but rather unrealistic

User Rating: 5 | Late Shift XONE

The game is essentially a film cut with moral choices that affect the outcome. Imagine a real-life version of a Telltale game and there you have it. I like that perspective of it, It's a unique twist on something that a lot of people enough and I felt it was incorporated well into the game.

The story is about this guy named Matt. He works the late shift as a parking lot security guard and he gets wrapped up in a scheme to steal this priceless artefact. While I don't mind some of the aspects of the story, I felt that it was just a bit too far fetched for me. First off, Matt is a total stranger and yet this crew of thieves, one of whom abducted him by gunpoint, decides to get him to go along with their plans. Sorry but with something so high stakes, something that takes meticulous planning to pull off, they aren't just gonna trust a total freaking stranger who they just abducted to do their bidding, Especially when he has a dozen or so chances to snitch them out during the beginning of the game. I wish they had done a bit better to tighten that part of the story up because it's just so unrealistic, It kind of takes you out of it a bit IMO.

And I would say the same applies to the rather unsatisfying endings (there are numerous endings in this game). They all kind of end abruptly and don't do a good enough job to wrap up the story and tie up all loose ends. The only bright spot, I'd say, is that the actors do a decent enough job to at least maintain some kind of interest, Especially the lead actor who plays Matt.

Overall: 5/10
I think with a better thought out, fleshed out plot, this could have been a great game. Yet it's so unsatisfying and unrealistic at times, It can be very difficult to maintain interest.