If you've played the first Tomb Raider for game boy then this then this game should be fairly easy to pick up.

User Rating: 8.2 | Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword GBC
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword for the GBC is a good game. Lara Croft goes to a museum in New York City where she meets with her accomplice Jane, when a mystical sword is stolen. Eventually Lara fights the leader but she is cut by the sword. If Lara doesn't defeat the Bokor then she will die and an evil ruler called Paveuax will be revived. Gameplay- The controls are exactly the same as it was in the original, so if you played the original, this game should be no problem. This game has been made much more easier than the first one. When you pull a switch you are shown what door opens and the levels are not as complex as the original. The game shows more emphasis on urban areas around New York City. You start in a museum then make your way across the rooftops, until you get down into the abandoned subway stations and eventually to the docks in brooklyn. We then see the classic tomb raider locales at the end with jungles and caves. Graphics- The graphics in this game are good but they haven't improved much over the original. Lara looks the same. The graphics now allow objects to move on the floor such as soda cans and files of paper to tip over of flutter for a few seconds when Lara runs over them. Sound- There isn't much sound in this game. It is mostly dead silence when you're just walking through an area. However there is more music in this game than in the original. When you have a time limit to get to a certain area the fast pace and dramatic music begins to play. Also, like in the original, a short tune is played at the start of the level. Value- Not alot of value in this game. It's still fun to play and much more easier making it slightly more enjoyable but once you're done there is no real reason for you to play it again. Tilt- If you liked the original you may yet like this game if you don't like the original this game most likely won't change your mind. It's a worthy game and is pretty enjoyable. The only downfall is that its a shorter adventure than its predecessor.