Kane and Lynch go tomb raiding.

User Rating: 7 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
I have to admit, Lara Croft's heyday is over. She's had a few redesigns in the past few years in an attempt to make her less pneumatic, but she reached the height of her popularity with the Angelina Jolie movies...11 years ago!

Thankfully, this game also comes with the option to play as Kane and Lynch via DLC. Kane and Lynch are a great team and have not really had their moment in the spotlight yet, so the option to play Guardian of Light with those characters appealed to me. It's just a bit annoying that they chose to bleep out all the swearing.

The game itself plays sort like Dungeon Siege in that it features mild puzzle-solving, ancient, crumbling temples (and dungeons), artifact power-ups, and a whole bunch of lava monsters and giant spiders. It's an easily consumable game, split into decent-sized chapters that are not too daunting. I played single-player all the way through, but toyed with two-player for a few levels and it's definitely more fun that way.

Forget Lara, go for Kane and Lynch.

Graphics B-
Sound B
Gameplay B
Lasting Appeal B