Lara Croft has a had a rough decade. Tomb Raider game after Tomb Raider game has grown more and more ambitious,

User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
The game is played in a top down manner, a style similar to that of Baldur's Gate or Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. The graphics are beautiful, especially for a download title, and the overhead perspective allows you to take everything in as you run through jungles, ruins, poisonous swamps, etc. Gems, health, ammo and red skulls are strewn about the landscape to be collected and utilized, and certain challenges within each level ensure that gamers will have a lot of different goals to accomplish before they hang up their controller for the day.

The game itself has 3 difficulty settings, and while the easy mode is easy enough for beginners to jump in, Normal and Hard modes will present a nice little challenge to hardcore gamers and those looking for a challenge in general. The enemies can be quite numerous and only rarely are they truly overwhelming. It's at these times that you and your partner should be sure to watch each other's backs to remain alive. Should Lara or Totec meet an untimely demise, the player remaining must evade attacks until and stay in the green until their partner is allowed to rejoin in about 5 seconds. Failure to do so will restart you at the last checkpoint with a nice little chunk of points missing for the level you're on.