Definitely a good game, but nothing revolutionary or incredible. Could also use a better storyline.

User Rating: 8 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
I don't regret buying the game, but I don't fall asleep dreaming about how great it is either.

The action starts almost immediately - which, on one hand, means you aren't bored for 3 hours before the game actually starts, but on the other hand means there is very little plot development before the action begins. And this doesn't get much better during the game - pretty much all of the plot development takes place either before or after the game.

The controls are a little tricky on PC, so if you have a controller adapter you may want to grab that (I did it with a keyboard/mouse and it wasn't too terrible).

The game is easy to learn, and a bit too easy to master. The combat is exciting and dynamic, and the multitude of weapons means more and more ways to destroy your enemies. The puzzles are at the perfect level of challenge - they aren't incredibly easy, but they aren't so hard you spend an hour just trying to find out how to get a boulder from point A to B.

The achievement system makes this game definitely worth another run, and there's plenty of DLC out there for when you finish the main story. The action sequences and boss battles are entertaining and challenging (though some of the bosses are a bit on the easy side).

In the end, it isn't so amazing that you're going to build a Lara Croft shrine in your house (well, you might, because it is Lara Croft), but it's most definitely a good top-down adventure game.