A good game. Wish I could save it when I needed to

User Rating: 6 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
1. Gameplay - Unlike the previous games in the series, this is a platformer game, though not a 2D platformer. It is like a top-down Diablo styled game which contains typical Lara Croft elements of Adventure and Puzzles. You have 4 types of weapons - A spear, a gun, a rifle and grenades. The game can be played in single player or in coop. Unfortunately, the game has quite some flaws. One of the most important one is the lack of the ability to save. This wouldn't have such a profound impact had it not been for the ridiculously long "non-save-able" chapters. So like you may have a dozen missions at hand, and you may have played for 4-5 hours straight, but you might not be able to save it. The game demands you to play the game till the finish at one go. Moreover almost all the opponents are weak and can be easily disposed off with the spear. And I may have finished the game without the spear, had I known that after exiting the game, my game wouldn't be saved. (For that matter, if I had known that, I probably wouldn't have bought it).

2. Story - The story goes that a long time ago, a war was fought between Totec, the guardian of light and Xotol, the keeper of darkness. Totec lost the battle when Xotol used the mirror of smokes to release a horde of monsters. However, Totec survived and found a way to imprison Xotol in the Mirror of Smokes and stood guard as an immortal statue to watch over the said mirror. In the present day, Lara learns of the legend and tries to obtain that mirror. However a band of reckless mercenaries unwittingly release Xotol. Now Totec has come back to life. If you are playing in single player, Xotol and Lara will part ways to stop Xotol, but not before Totec gives Lara a magical spear. If however, you are playing in coop, Totec will give the spear to Lara and will team up with her to stop Xotol.

3. Graphics - The graphic design is stunning and even in an isometric view, the environment is incredibly detailed. The entire appeal of the game is the graphics.

4. Music and Sound - Well some weird music tries to up your feel of the ancient Inca but fails miserably. The sound effects are also as awful as the controls are.

For a great level design and graphic appeal, this game is commendable. But when you take into account the horrendous controls, the awful music and sound, and the bug of no save or checkpoint - the flaws far outweigh the good aspects of the game.

Note: I played the game for over 6 hours and then I casually exited the game. When I started it again, well it starts from the beginning. So for any Lara Croft fanatic, just make sure that you finish the game once you start playing it.