Lara Croft Reloaded

User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light X360
Tomb Raider is one of my favorate video game franchises but unfortunately as time has gone on the franchise has had it's series of misteps which have made quality Tomb Raider games too few far between and have failed to elevated the franchise to the limelight it once had.

This game is a plesent supprise I've been waiting for for a long time and a step in the right direction for the franchise it needed.
It's got a good straightfoward plot just your typical save the world from ancient evil, which is fine by me. But what really powers this game are both in graphical design and gameplay. I think the graphics are great, I love the look of the Mayan Civiliaztion and even the dark color which give it both an exotic and mysterious/dangerous feeling. The designs of the levels are great a combo of both 2-D and 3-D which is always a beautiful combination; but most of all there are other places to go in the levels which leave room to uncover hidden treasures.
The cinamatography for the levels is very good not just wide enough to get a good geography of the world I was in but also to simply see what I was doing and where to go. The designs of the enimies are great their really menicing looking, you fight all kinds of nasties like giant spiders that look like the arachnids from "Starship Troopers", mayan demons, aligators, and more.
And of course Lara is still Lara, she looks hot as usual, like the new design of her top and ahem everything else with it, and she's got the personality to boot really love that new voice actress that does the voice it fits like a glove.

The gameplay is great it's arcade style and utilizing this was the right way to go because it still felt like "Tomb Raider" it kinda goes by the saying "More things change, more they stay the same". The action is great the overhead shooter action is a bit similar to "Smash TV". The platforming elements are soild and dead on. You have a few extra things which make you a step ahead in the game, from the grabling hook where you can climb or swing from point A the B like batman. But also your able to level up either from action or the relic you uncover and collect. The relics actually for once have a use, they can increase your ablities. It gives the game a bit on an RPG element almost.
The game isn't too hard but not too easy, this is a game you have to take some time with because a few parts take a little practice. But most of all there are slightly complex puzzles to figure out. But I didn't mind I love puzzles so I welcome the chalange.

The only con about this game and is the reason this is only my third favorate game is just the mere fact the game is kinda short. I wouldn't of minded if it was a bit longer, after playing though the game I couldn't help but want more but oh well.

Even though the reboot series is coming out (and hopefully it's great), I personally hope this game won't be the only online volume, I can see two or three more game for it. Just have this become a seperate series while we have the reboot for the concoles, but I don't know it could go either way so we'll have to wait and see.

Lara Croft is reloaded and back in fine form.