The best one of the series yet

User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC

Great graphics
Nice Story
A lot of weapons , artifacts , bonus to use
Challenges Great puzzles , not too hard to make it impossible to figure it out
Nice Soundtrack


The handling could be better
The difficulty could be harder
Game duration small
The story could be better

Overall this is the best one of the series and this is how this game should have been from the beginning.

If you like games with levels , where your character get's stronger as you continue , then you should play this .
The puzzles are not like the old games of Tomb Raider , but not too easy either . You won't break your nerves to pass a stage so don't worry about this .

Hopefully more to come in the future similar to this Lara Croft . I've enjoyed from every aspect , and it kept me on my chair playing for some hours and i 'm sure you will enjoy it as well . I haven't managed to solve every challenge but you still can complete the game . If you want then you can go back and finish any unfinished business .