a complete waste of money; do not buy! lousy graphics, lousy controls. could this be the end of a great franchise?

User Rating: 1.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
downloading the game took forever but at least was cheap and considering how bad the game is that was a good thing. no longer are you entering into the beautiful worlds of Lara Croft and seeing what she does but looking at her from a distant height. instead of admiring her beauty you are saying where is she. its like playing on a handheld or perhaps an old strategy game. this makes her much harder to control as you can't see what she is doing but only guessing there is no way to aim properly.the music instead of wishing you had a cd of it is just plain boring. to have Crystal Dynamics fall so far after having done such a superb job on their previous forays into Lara's world is very sad, very sad. they got Anniversary so right and revived the franchise bringing it to new levels but unless they do some major changes I will not playing another Tombraider game. very disappointing