One great game that should not be overlooked

User Rating: 9.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
This game is a gem. It has challenges that when you unlock, you can get power ups, new weapons, and even has an rpg + or - to stats like damage or explosives. You can go back to levels that you have already finished to get some more hidden things you missed or play with a friend cooperatively. I found that it has puzzles that wants you to say roll a giant ball onto a switch that will unlock a gate. But I found that there are more ways to solve the puzzles like using your spear in creative ways to bypass even the toughest of puzzles. Some say that the there are controls issues, but if you use the mouse/bullzeye correctly you can move around like a skilled acrobat. Its atmosphere and graphics are great. I was not expecting this game to be this good, voice acting not superb, music average, but over all I can't stop loving it.