Simply Amazing! The "Diablo 3 way" to play Lara Croft´s Tomb Raider!

User Rating: 10 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
Well, for all those who are addicted to the 3d-rpg way to play, as Diablo(3), Dungeon Siege and alike, and just love Tomb Raider since early episode´s, That´s the Perfect combination!
Who already saw the Diablo 3 Trailer, look again, after playing LC: GoL, and ull see it´s quite alike. Almost the same graphic, almost the same way to move and I think the GoL is Better simply because it doesn´t have any Rainbows in it!!! LOL.
Well, I don´t usually review the games, but this one wort it!
Congrats to All who made and all who played it, because it´s simply a way to show their good taste.
Impressive Puzzles and controls.
Thanks a Lot, Square (Always YOU guys, are in the middle of the BEST games EVER made... I Never knew HOW, but you REALLY DO IT!) and Crystal Dynamics for the Great and the Genius piece of work!