Don't get excited.. you'll still be cursing that stupid B^#$%

User Rating: 8 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
Lara Croft is back !! The lush and gorgeous level designs are back ! The bad guys and the evil monsters released by the bad guys are back ! You know what else is back? Those annoying sequences that make you say 'Die you stupid F****** B****'
That sums up this game, just like it would sum up any Tomb Raider game since Crystal Dynamics took over. To begin with, a semblance of a plot is created, thereby giving Lara an excuse to do what she does best and then you are off acquiring powerful artifacts, exploring hidden chambers.. well basically everything you did in the last couple of games. For any of you guys doubting the merits of a TR game in glorious isometric, I assure you it is beautiful as usual. The lighting is awesome and the textures look sharp. Same goes for the sound effects with Keely Hawes returning for the voice acting. A highlight of the game is the nice reward system that awards you weapons and skills that you can actually make use of in the game. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys over at naughty dog released an arcade style drake game to supplement their revenue while they work on the next big thing. All in all, Guardian of Light is a success.
Now comes the problematic parts. I played the game on the PC and the movement controls were annoying. Its hard to move Lara fluidly with WASD, although I think a controller would solve the problem. The keyboard controls will surely make you resort to more classical elucidations of the leading lady's character as you're desperately battling some twenty odd goons or trying to get past timed doorways. But you do get there in the end and that is the saving grace of the game.
A Tomb Raider fan is not going to let this game get past him. The game-play has the depth that Legend and Underworld lacked. It offers co-op and tons of replay value but if you don't want to get stressed, kindly use a game-pad