Disappointing, boring, safe, and stale. A step back. A game you can live without.

User Rating: 2 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
It seems that every legend has to go through its ups and downs. It was true for Madonna, it was true for Cher, it's true for Lara. Her makers, obviously thinking there is nothing new one can still bring into the table when it comes to 3D gaming, decided to take a step back to the 2D world. A change is always good, but the makers seemed to forget rule number one: if you're making a new installment in the series, make sure it's always fresh. Guardian of the Light feels like it's been literally brought back from the 2005. There is absolutely nothing fresh about the game - Lara's old tricks are known to a couple of generations of players and after playing it for some time, I highly doubt Lara has learned any new ones. She can still do all those amazing things with grapples and sticks of various kinds, but her moves still feel robotic and not very life-like. She still can't do a lot of things you'd expect her to do after all these installments.
The location itself is boring - YET another Aztec temple (I feel even the Egypt would have been more interesting. How about China? Dear makers - invest in a world map, there are plenty of interesting ancient locations and cultures to investigate).

Obviously the biggest change is the camera view, now 2D and annoying. While I appreciate the change, I personally have never been a fan of using such angles in gaming - especially if the previous part had such beautiful 3D graphics. This feels like a step back, literally, from something I was hoping to grow into something exceptionally spectacular.

Personally, being a player since the very first installment, seeing how Lara Croft change the gaming world and the real one as well, feel cheated. I don't see how the title is supposed to grow when it's not; how to feel excitement when all I feel is boredom. A good game is a game you want to play, and you can't seem to turn off - this was basically asking to be turned off and uninstalled. Maybe next time.