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User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is an excellent coop adventure. It's very long considering it is a downloadable title. If you don't rush, and take your time to explore levels, it could take about 10 hours to finish. And then another playtrough to find and collect everything you have missed, so its definitely worth the price. There are a lot of weapons to unlock, maybe even too many than necessary. There will also be artifacts and relics scattered around to find or unlock by doing some secondary missions, and each give a powerup or stat boost, so there is plenty of room to customize your character and play how suits your style.

Puzzles are cleverly designed so both players will be helping each other out most of the time, and solving a puzzle together can feel like a great achievement. There is also a single player mode, but its not as fun as playing together with a friend sitting next to you. If playing alone, only Lara will be playable, and she will have Totecs spear that is necessary to advance. Also some rooms will be different due to the fact that the solution should require another person, so there should be less switches and more objects to use. The camera zooms out when necessary if you get too far out of each other, but sometimes it zooms out a bit more than usual, depending on the location.

The controls are simple, responsive, easy to use and quick to learn. Same for the moves and skills both characters can use, but there are only a handful of things you will be doing to clear the challenges ahead. The story on the other hand could have used a bit more work, its here, but its not all that engaging. At least you know why you are here and what needs to be done and that's a bout it. You will also encounter lots of enemies to take down, and its well balanced with the amount puzzles. I definitely recommend this game to everyone that wants to have a good time with a friend, even if you never played a Tomb Raider game or dont know who Lara Croft is.