To the point and Sweet, Lara Croft GoL is one hell of an intricately devised adventure and a stunning Co-op Experience.

User Rating: 9.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
Finally a solid title featuring Lara Croft, i'm not saying the previous few Tomb Raider games where bad (Legend and Anniversary were quite good) but they always felt lacking in some manner, not this one .. yes it is quite different (actually drastically different .. from the title to the control scheme and camera) that it's hard to compare it to the previous TR games but still if all TR games were made with this level of care and craftsmanship they would have been way better.

Leaving previous TR games aside let's see what this Lara Croft glorious outing has to offer.

First off .. i must congratulate Crystal on getting Co-op RIGHT ... co-op isn't just an extra character with you .. it changes how you play fundamentally and numerous puzzle designs are changed to support co-op action .. you NEED to work with your partner to overcome puzzles and obstacles while mowing down foes .. it makes for one great and rewarding experience (offline for now .. since the online mode isn't added yet .. but don't let that stop you from getting it).

As for the gameplay in solo mode .. it is still very neat experience .. it offers a simple to grasp control scheme (which is a little different in co-op depending on your character)... interesting puzzles and challenges (in the form of challenge rooms and in-level challenges).

Graphics wise it is beautiful to look at ... the camera view gives you a better view of your surroundings and makes the platforming a lot of fun (and there are some heinous traps/pitfalls waiting for you to overcome) ... the physics also add quite some depth to the game puzzles and combat (not just destructive scenery).

There is also a very good share of RPG elements added for sake of customization (a first for a game featuring Lara .. but a welcome change) ... you can use a wide assortment of weapons with varying stats .. and also equip three different accessories to boost your stats and alter your "hyper state" bonus.

Enemies also come in a bunch of types .. there isn't too many types but they are interesting enough to keep you entertained for the 6-8 hours that will take you to finish the game ... also level designs have a couple of reoccurring types/patterns/themes that you will come across that actually add a nice variety as each "level type" plays out differently (and they won't be repeated too many times so you won't be bored with them).

All in all .. a great game .. even by standards of full retail games .. not only is it one of the best downloadable titles and Lara croft games i played .. it is one of the best and most satisfying games i played in a long while ... go get it now ^_^