Lara Croft is pretty fun, I officially beat it in less than 3-4 hours, but those hours are packed with awesomeness

User Rating: 8.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
Yes I said it, this game is pretty short compared to those long and hard games out there like Diablo 2 or Fallout 3. But that shouldn't be the official let down of the entire game. For this game has some hidden gems that I was surprised at how good it was.

In my opinion the developers were wanting to emphasize a minimal number of attractions to have a great balanced game and those are (Puzzle and Gameplay)

(And also, before I go further, the story is horrible. But that shouldnt matter too much since the other parts of the game balance it all out)

The Puzzles: These are FANTASTIC. They are very very well done in a way that I actually looked forward to the challenges that awaited. Usually, on other games, I would get so caught up in the gameplay that I never would want that "challenge"
Every puzzle is memorable in a way that is original, fun, and you always get atleast a decent reward for accomplishing your goal.

The Gameplay: Think of Diablo, and make it more minimalist to the point that it is so simple that it seems as though it is ONLY a point and click. BUT that is not a bad thing. YOU HAVE MANY MANY WEAPONS to choose from and I think that is one of the highlights of the entire game. From tiny pistols to bazookas, to enchanted spears.

The Graphics: The grachics are very pretty to look at. They arent the best but they are up with lots of the new standards out there.

Physics: The main thing that intrigued me was the rolling of the "Ball" in the game. It was very fun to figure out puzzles with these objects. Pretty simple physics but very fun.

All in all the game is a blast from start to finish but just remember your fun will end shortly before you know it. Hopefully there will be an expansion or DLC to add on to the originality of the puzzles.