A change of face from Tomb Raider's PC franchise.

User Rating: 8.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
This is, IMHO, the right call for Lara's fate. I mean in our world not her. To be honest, I already grew tired of playing her after "Legend". If they continue using Lara in this third-person shooter mechanics even with new moves and weapons, I think I'll dump her. Maybe also I grew tired because of the stories, or maybe the puzzles, or... I don't know. Anyway, this game has a kind of refreshing feeling of playing Lara, away from the usual Tomb Raider (is it because not Eidos but Square that they drop the title "Tomb Raider" or is it to seperate this game from the original? hmm).

The game uses beautifully textured 3D with an isometric view. Yea, isometric, like many retro adventure and rpg games, you cannot manually rotate or zoom the camera, but the game cleverly does that for you. I really like the environment and the athmosphere; very well done. The animations and actions of Lara are very fast, smooth and responsive. You can play with a partner, that's cool, but not for a PC player like me. Sound effects and musics are good, most are taken from the Tomb Raider's series; Lara's voice is still played by the same Keeley Hawes. Puzzles are good and innovative. The only downside from me is the game's non-playable displays, I mean the menus, inventory, map, etc. They look unpolished and amateurish.