WOW, a Tomb Raider game with Tombs!

User Rating: 9 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
Now, I'm not saying that my beloved Lara hasn't at least a few times raided tombs in each game, but this is the first in the series that the whole game your raiding tombs and its an amazing experience! The controls are tight and as you progress you unlock pretty cool weapons. The voice acting is great, however the story is pretty simplistically and not very good at that. A good story is important to me, however as what it is, an arcade style adventure game, it is great and highly recommended from a life long Lara fan. During your journey there are cleaver puzzles to figure out with most of them fun to figure out and not so hard that you can't figure out. The bosses are challenging, but, like most of the game pretty simplistic as I'm having no problem on the hard setting. The best part is the replay value as it is fun to re-do levels and try to achieve the numerous goals that they have for most levels. In short, this is a great game and should not be missed.