Disappointing. And not because change of style.

User Rating: 6 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
Lara Croft is a mix of its franchise-own puzzle solving elements and AlienShooter/AlienBreed(new) gameplay system where you control character by WSAD keys from topdown perspective and use mouse to target enemies. I personally love these kind of games but LaraC is simply not good enough for me.

Puzzles can be actually pretty good at times and get more complex as you progress, however shooting is drag because enemies are not preset but spawn around you every time - sometimes too close like literally next to you. You will fight same few enemies whole game and later their bigger - same looking variants.

Story is very bland and uninspired, whole game you chase one "guy". Every now and then during levels when it seems you have finally got to him he tells you incredible stupid text similar to: "haha ya too slow, keep going!", then spawn enemies, block your way to him somehow and run away. Script is as uninspired as only possible. Voices are weak too which add to "atmosphere".

Later you realize that even though puzzles are fine and levels are designed good too, its simply all the same thing you do in almost each of them. Most of them also look same with same theme and textures. Graphics are not very artistic as well, which was always strong point of franchise.

Overall production values are very low. Strong feel of budget game. Music is some of the most uninspired ones doing absolutely opposite of hooking you to the game and is repetitive.

I liked game at first. It actually had a good amount of potential. Levels were designed fine and many puzzles were pretty cool. But it started to drag. Too easy and repetitive combat with spawning enemies all around from the blue, extremely short length and lack of motivation through story alongside above mentioned flaws destroy this game for me. Do try it at least or rent it >> first.