Great new style Tomb Raider game!

User Rating: 8.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PS3
All right.... The new Tomb Raider! I think its a great game worth buying and this is why! Think of the Tomb Raider you have always loved but from a slightly top down perspective. Now add great shooter elements with all different types of weapons. Also add, relics and other items that you can use almost in a Rpg style to strengthen your abilities. You can try all different types of combination of relics for YOUR playing satisfaction or whatever works for your style of play. All the puzzles are still there, the fluidity is beautiful not to mention the levels. If you were or are a TR fan then you should love this game! Its TR meets action rpg meets shooter. Oh yeah...the replay value is also high due to certain rewards and challenges that are offered on every level. You can even replay a level over and over or replay a past level over and over in order to get those rewards. This game will take plently of time to get everything. Dont take my work for it .... download the demo and see for yourself. I can almost promise that you'll want to play more. Sounds like a blast to me! Thanks for reading. - suicidesekt