Excellent, fluid, fast, amazing gameplay. Great game but play it and unistall.

User Rating: 5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
I love this game from the first touch. I played with a 360 USB controller, the game amaze me with it's simplicity, action, amusing gameplay.

Like I said, a great game, then way only a 5?
This kind of game aren't replayable like could be MP Diablos, MP CODs or Super Mario World for my snes. Once you saw all the game puzzles, monsters, bosses, you can play it again but it isn't funny like the first time.

You can try to try...the online cooperative mode, the same maps but 2 players with it's own ability. The guy has a spear, Lara has a hook. It's like a x2 the SP mode, but with 15 hours you can't play more, you saw all good stuff. I can still play Super Mario World, buy I can't play this kind of game once again.

But wait, the game was launched without online cooperative mode, it will be free "soon".