A cheap steal, Lair is one of the those games that will wow your friends watching and make you crave for more.

User Rating: 9 | Lair PS3
Now let me give you the snapshot: Two rival lands in a cool medieval environment are at war. You play as Rome and get to fly a FRIGGIN DRAGON!

Now this game cost $5 bucks and is one the most satisfying games i've played in a while. The environments are huge, there's a thousand things going on and all though its relatively old it still looks great.There's a few rough spots graphically but you will be having to much fun to care.

You fight dragons by shooting them with fireballs, knocking their riders off, or getting into slow mo fights which allows you to defeat the opposing dragon in an amenity of ways (very epic!). You also can go on the ground and claw, inflame, and eat enemy troops(very fun).

Many critics called the sixaxis control scheme a massive failure. However, I was delightfully surpised. Although I agree at some points it is annoying and it is not precise enough, I think its a great idea. It works well enough that it won't wreck the experience and I think it actually adds something to the game. The story is decent but that's not the reason to buy the game.

The targeting system works really well despite what the critics say. They also claimed that the objectives were "unclear." I couldn't disagree more. There is a cut scene before every objective that shows you what to do.

But also I just have to reemphasize how good the graphics are. This game looks great. In my opinion looks better then the majority of the games coming out today.

This is a must own for any PS3 owner.